Stop chasing shadows; just enjoy the ride

I haven't blogged in awhile because I've:
A. Been surprisingly busy
B. Had nothing witty, relevant, philosophical or interesting to write.
C. Haven't had anything terribly exciting or horrible occur since my last post.

I'm working three jobs now, which is equally awesome and exhausting. I work the door at my club on occasion and I do two (soon to be three) days at the tattoo shop as the shop girl. It's all a nice change of pace, though. I like to stay busy, and right now I'll take any fun source of supplemental income that comes my way. I wanted a second job for awhile (dancing five days a week gets boring, believe it or not), but I had the requirements that it be in a creative environment of some sort (music, art, etc.) and that my ink and piercings wouldn't be issues. Obviously both of the new situations are appropriate. Thank god for my pets, though, because if it weren't for them needing me home to spend time and care for them I'd probably never see my apartment. I'd sleep and eat and shit here and that'd be about it. My pets are my family, though, and knowing they depend on me keeps me from working too much and keeps me returning to the solace of my home-the one place I can regroup and re-center myself.

Working at the tattoo shop has many benefits, one of which is the easy access to great artists with time to do work on me. This is proving to be both a curse and a blessing-I'm able to get some pieces changed and/or finished that had been in the works for awhile, but I'm also actually getting the ball rolling on starting new pieces, which just encourages the ink addiction. I guess if it's my only real addiction I'm doing pretty well, though.

Having a piercer on site also means that my ears are now gauged to 2G in the second hole and 4G in the first. I am going to stop at 0 in my second, I swear. Ha ha..I said I'd stop at 4 a few months ago but if you know me at all you know the whole "plan for the future and stay the course" thing doesn't really work for me. I mean, I also said I'd never get any ink on my chest or collarbone and I've got my bee there now (and I'm planning a small script piece probably for the opposite side). What can I say..I take things by the moment. Who's to say I won't get hit by a truck tomorrow? Would I lie on an operating table, gasping my last breaths, thinking about what I wished I'd done? I try my damnedest every day to make sure the answer to that is 'no.'

I'm going to keep this short and simple because at the moment it's merely a status update, and I hate being boring. Plus, I have a glass of wine and a loaded bowl to which I must attend. ;)


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