new 06.09.09

"pink sky at night"

our lips are dancing to some silent tune
and your fingers light my skin afire
i see the planet of you in the face of the moon
i see no sanctuary in sight from my desire
i've been told my heart is like the breeze-
it shifts and moves in a moment's time
but you-you satisfy some secret need
i'd abandon the breeze if you were mine
at times i don't know if i have rested
we part, and still i taste you on my lips
i do know this: my interest is vested
and now and then i feel my facade slip
ancient walls come crumbling down
my foundation relaxes at your smile
i'll give you me, bare and unbound
for the assurance you'll stay around awhile
i'm used to thinking you're out of my league
and sailing in the oceans of your eyes
now i'm seeing possibilities
seeing my little lonely boat capsize
and you'll explore the wreckage of me with your hands
you'll search my seas for signs of life
tell me you'll lay aside your maps and plans
and take me in, night after night.

© inkedcupcake@gmail.com 2009


  1. Beautiful. I think I'm tingling a little. ;)

  2. i absolutely love this. the vulnerability you've shown has really touched me...