the air was smoking and the streets were dry

"i'm not hurting anyone 

i'm just telling my truth 

and if there if there is something wrong 

then maybe there's something wrong with you.."


Ever have those days (or weeks) where you have plenty of thoughts running rampant in your mind, and yet you bring pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and suddenly everything seems elementary and irrelevant? Yeah, that's where I'm at right now.

There's a lot going on at the moment, and a lot has occurred since my last post. I just don't know where to start or how to start or even IF I should start in some cases.


Sometimes I want to crawl out of my skin and escape myself. I want to be anywhere but where I am, not just physically but emotionally and figuratively. My life is pretty good right now, yet I'm still a little melancholy, and everything is still in shades of grey. 

"In a coffee shop in a city

which is every coffee shop in every city

on a day which is every day.."

I'm trying so hard to get all my emotions and thoughts out on 'paper' and I keep hitting walls. I've been tweeting in lyrics all day because I can't find eloquent enough statements to express what's waging war in my mind. I hear in songs and I see faces in sheet music. My heart pulses to the drums of a favorite song and when my eyes well up with tears, the salt tastes like a tragic ballad on my tongue. 

How can someone feel so happy and so fulfilled and at the same time so empty and monochrome? I'd say it's the nature of things, but everyone is not this way. I find it interesting (coincidental? no..) that two of my favorite musicians both have songs I love with the word 'grey' in them and used in the same context (Ani's "Grey" and DMB's "Grey Street"). 

Maybe I put my stock in the wrong things. I yearn for a kiss or a declaration of infatuation from someone who appears indifferent about my existence. I expect people completely non-spiritual to understand what I mean when I say I feel like my spirit is hazy and flickering. I try to perpetuate the art of an occupation that has long since lost any artistic value.

"i just wish i knew who you were

i wish you'd make yourself known

probably you don't know i'm her

the woman you want to call home.."


So it goes: I light another cigarette, take a swig of wine. I look around the room, watch the candles dance to some melody I've yet to hear. And I want to go to bed and start anew tomorrow as much as I want to stay up and let the sunrise take my breath away.


  1. I love your writing style.
    Also I feel for you more than you think =/
    Every time I "voice" what I've been thinking it always seems so minuscule, then I wonder why it had bothered me so much.

  2. i think my favorite grey song girl's not grey afi
    here's a vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD6d5zMbLgw&feature=related

    grey's not so bad though
    some ppl are too black n white sometimes
    all these panda ppl :) though a bit a color or colour helps

    so you like tori amos? have you heard her new one?