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"the city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo"
-John Milton, L'Allegro

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I have to get ready for work soon. I was awakened this morning by the garbage truck outside doing what sounded to be like pounding the dumpster against the pavement repeatedly. I'm sure this isn't what was occurring; regardless, it was irritating and harsh enough to make me blow off the last slap of the snooze button and get my ass out of bed.

Scent is a crazy thing. This morning the smell of a perfume I wore last year almost knocked me down. I wore it while selling dope and dating a complete head case. I loved the perfume, but it's going to be awhile now before I can wear it again without feeling transported to that time and place. I'm very in tune with my spiritual experiences and my emotions-something as simple as a bad experience being linked to a scent has a massive affect on my psyche. At the same time, there are scents that have very positive connotations, and these are the ones I seek out when that's what I'm needing.

Today is Friday at the club at which I work, which means $5 steak day. For a vegetarian, this is also known as "Roadkill Day". You ever smell a plate of steak, mashed potatoes and corn that costs $5? If you have, you understand.

A steak combined with two sides for five dollars is not a high quality steak. The patrons eat them up though, and Fridays are our busiest days. Hence my working on a day that glorifies one of the largest parts of the industry against which I have so much scorn. I'm still human-I still have to survive in this "economy". I depend on Fridays now for the sheer volume, because the rest of the week is so slow I spend more time smoking on the patio than actually working. It's sad when you realize you may get lung cancer from boredom. Who'd have thought?

I work in a gentlemen's club. I should say "strip club," because despite the efforts of our fearless leaders it has become less gentleman-like and more suburban topless club. We are pretty laid back and neighborhood-bar like, but this is almost to our detriment in dire times like these. Our customers are not all high rollers, and though many of them have plenty of money to throw around, unfortunately we get a lot of family men and working class guys. And when an economy problem arises, what are you gonna choose-buying dinner for the fam or blowing your wad (pun intended) on "Candy"? Paying the rent in your now-above-your-means home or making it rain (no need for a worse pun here, it's inherent) on "Destiny"? Exactly.

So I'm off. I could sit here all day and blog about nothing at all, but I won't. This time you're safe.


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