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I know. I've been a blogging slacker.

I've just actually had a quite wonderful few days/week, so I have had neither time to blog or anything poetic and witty to say. 

And wouldn't you rather read an engaging blog than one that just shuffles through the mundane parts of life, however uninteresting they may be? The only way that question (which was rhetorical, BTW) should get a 'no' answer is in the case of photo documenting one's day-which is something I'm actually planning on doing soon. ;)

My camera keeps beckoning to me when I leave every morning. It calls to me to take it out and embarrass myself by taking photos in starbucks and on the road and again at work. I'm going to do it, but just be warned- my life isn't that compelling. I guess in a weird way it could be. Maybe all the things I think are boring are really freaky and I just have no idea how high on the freak scale I am? Hmm. Food for thought.

Tonight's agenda:
+hit up the ol' J-O-B for a drink or two with a girlfriend (no, I can't stay away even after a 5 hour workday. See masochism).
+Pinky Ring at Bar Smith downtown. Score! Good music, good people, good energy. And great fucking weather. The last few times I went it was goddamn cold. And you can't not go on the rooftop. It just doesn't work that way.

That's a jam packed agenda, I know. I'm in high demand. Time to pull out the paparazzi-deflecting sunglasses and purse in which I hide Nicole Richie.

I got my labret done. Not entirely sure why, since I've never been big on facial piercings. I guess I've become more particular about, as well as am running out of, room for my tattoos. I counted my piercings yesterday and realized I have ten. Ten! For someone 'not into piercings' that's a pretty decent number. Huh. Who'd have thought? 

Sorry about the line across it. My Photo Booth gets temperamental sometimes. One of my friends pointed out that my dermals and labret now make a perfect triangle around my throat chakra. Unintentional but beneficial spiritual gain is always accepted.

I also went on an awesome mini-road trip with my best friend up to her hometown. Her dad has all sorts of cool western and kitschy stuff at his house, so I took a few crappy pictures with my phone. This is a neat little donkey... um, thing (?):

I'm also working on a wicked painting for my other dear friend's birthday (um, it was actually the 27th of Feb, so it's a little late. I suck at life). It began with one direction in mind and ended up taking a completely different one (amazing what a little herbal assistance will do) that's more twisted and odd. Which is good. I'll post photos when I finish it.

That's all. I'm tapped out of interesting for today; come back tomorrow.


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